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Mysterious Ponymon
Artwork General
National Ponydex: #69
Evolves From: F ZECORA
Evolves Into: N ZECORA
First Appeared: First Gen
Pronunciation: /zəˈkoʊɹə/
Sprite(s): 069 069
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 60 Species: Mysterious Ponymon
Attack: 85 Type(s): Light/Dark
Defense: 60 Height: ???
Special Atk: 85 Weight: ???
Special Def: 60 Abilities:  ???
Speed: 100 Ponydex Color: White
Stat Total: 450 Gender: 100% ♀
    Cry: [[File:{{{cry}}}]]

ZECORA is a Light/Dark ponymon that evolves from F ZECORA at level 22.


Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP


Hoof Stomp

Light Attack 35 100 35
Start Tail Whip Light Status N/A 100 30
7 Confusion Magic Attack 50 100 25
13 Scary Face Light Status N/A 90 10
18 Stun Spore Light Status N/A 75 30
23 Sleep Powder Light Status N/A 75 15
29 Double Kick Light Attack 30 100 30
33 Shootingstar Magic Attack 60 N/A 20

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