Y Derpy
Pegasus Pony
Artwork General
Angled Filly Derpy
Regional Ponydex: #104
Evolves From: None
Evolves Into: Derpy
First Appeared: First Gen
Sprite(s): 100 100
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 70 Species: Mail Pony
Attack: 100 Type(s): Kindness/Loyalty
Defense: 70 Height: ???
Special Atk: 45 Weight: ???
Special Def: 50 Abilities:  ???
Speed: 10 Ponydex Color: Gray
Stat Total: 345 Gender: 100% ♀
    Cry: [[File:{{{cry}}}]]

Filly Derpy

Ponydex Entry

0.4: This is a pony.

New: TBA (in review)


Evolves to DERPY at level 22.


Evolves to Derpy - lvl 25 - Derpy



Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
Start Derp ??? Attack N/A N/A 40
Lvl 6 Tail Whip Light Status N/A 100 30
Lvl 12 Hoof Stomp Light Attack 45 100 35
Lvl 18 Squeeze Hug Laughter Attack 15 75


Lvl 24 Dizzy Strike Courage Attack 70 100 10

Catch Area


Route 2, Route 3, Route 4, Route 5, Route 25- Ultra Rare (1%)

Mt. Moon - Ultra Rare (1%)

Route 10 - Common (90%)

Route 10 is accessible only via wallhacking cheats.

Power Plant - Rather Common (80%)

Power Plant is accessible only via wallhacking cheats.


  • In Flutteryay's Alpha 0.32, F DERPY would crash the game when attempting to view its summary or switch it out, but only if the F DERPY was from a previous version's save file.


Y Derpy is a Loyalty type Ponymon. She is based on filly, fandom version of Derpy.

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