I think I might have messed up the MissingNo page. I added a Ponybox, and tried to edit it, buuuuut, yeah. Apparently I'm not good with Wiki code. Well, The original page was this, shown below

PONYMON Dawn Episodio 702:34

PONYMON Dawn Episodio 7.5 MissingNo!

This video shows MissingNo in Ponymon: Dawn.

====MissingNo==MissingNo was found in Ponymon: Dawn 0.32, after Lavander Town. You'll meet a white colored trainer, who will challenge you. You need to use GHOST MODE to challenge this guy.

I found the article irrelevant, and I have challenged Missingno before, by going into the grass while using the Ghost Cheat without a pony on Route 1, so I added a Ponybox, can some pony help me clean it up a bit?

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