Ok, so. Chaos has dropped out of ponymon (he’s still doing sprites, so he might do a few here and there for the game, but he’s not officially tied to the project anymore), which means that we need some sprite talent to fill the gap.

Now, I am by no means the project head, so anything I say is subject to being overruled by Cobalt or Flutter. However, since I’m kind of the only spriter right now (though I have/am going to ask a few longtime members of the wiki and project to stand in, at least temporarily.) and I’m waaaaaaaay too lazy/busy to do all that spriting by myself, I’m officially opening applications for artists.

That said, I don’t want to expand too fast and have things get out of hand. So for right now, I’m only opening up two sprite positions. We might open more later, but I want to get the first few integrated first.

Each application is to include at least 5 examples, to include:

  • At least one back sprite done in the same style as those made by FanofEtcetra or myself
  • At least one front sprite done in the Desktop Ponies style
  • And at least one sprite made using pre-existing vector art or from scratch (IE: not using a template/existing sprite), in either of the above styles
  • One non-pony character, such as Discord or Scratch.

This should go without saying, but if you do one back sprite from scratch, you don’t need a second back sprite or anything. You may also submit icons as well, so long as they are in the official ponymon style

PLEASE NOTE: All submitted sprites MUST be in a format that can be used in-game. That means a 64x64 sprite with a 16 color limit (15+transparent). If you choose to do icons, those are limited to 32x32 and have to be made using one of the three set palettes I outlined in the tutorial. Any files that are not in appropriate format will be disqualified, and you must have 5 submissions to be eligible.

Please submit all files to Avoid sending archive files (zip, rar, etc.) because sometimes hotmail gets stupid about them.