So as I told Chaos the other day when I sent along the latest set of ponies, I've sort of reached the point where I'm just kind of aimlessly jumping back and forth between which icons I want to do. The more difficult ones (like Nightmare Moon and Discord) are done, personal favorites (Trixie, Derpy, etc.) are mostly done, and I feel no pressing need to do any pony icons in particular.

As such, I'm going to open up the floor... which icons do you think I should do next? Post whichever ones you want to see in the comments below and I'll look into it.

DISCLAIMER: I may be more or less taking requests at this point, but I reserve the right to delay and or ignore any and all requests for whatever reasons I choose. All icons within the Ponydex will eventually get done regardless, but I can delay doing ponies requested by pushy and/or annoying people as long as I want.

DISCLAIMER 2: I'm more or less doing only the official game ponies at this particular moment. Certain others, such as rule 64d or the other fanon Doctors MIGHT be done since there's a reasonable expectation they'll be in eventually, but my top priority is completing the first 151 in the Ponydex.

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