Mk, so for those who haven't been reading, I had an idea awhile back for making D Whooves the Ponymon equivalent of the Unown. However, Chaos looked into it, and apparently you have to restrict all the unown-type sprites to the same 16 color palette. Now, I believe it's still doable... yeah, it means the sprites won't be as good as if we had a full 16 colors per doctor to work with, but I personally think you can make 16 colors work for 11 sprites.

To demonstrate, I pulled 4 different sprite versions of the doctor (2 from desktop ponies, 2 fromAnonycat's da page), made some custom edits, and worked mah patented Tomato magic on them.


Obviously I'm still very early in the process, but I'm only up to 13 (including transparency) colors here... 12 if you don't count the green from 5's decorative vegetable.

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