Hey all, I'm Tomato, one of the main artists currently working on Ponymon (All those icons? My work). Now, lately I've been noticing an awful lot of people have been showing interest in doing some spritework for us. And while that's all fine in theory, so many of you have been just randomly posting your work where it doesn't belong that it's become a bit of an annoyance.

Keep in mind guys, we do have lives. Even if we were actively recruiting other artists, we don't have the time to respond to every submission immediately. And by continuing to randomly post artwork trying to get us to notice you, you're clogging up sections of the wiki.

If you legitimately want to help us out (and why wouldn't you, we're awesome), then please give me a bit of time... I'm going to be running some application method by Chaos (the lead graphics guy and spokesperson for the game) so we can get something standardized put into place.

So please, refrain from spamming the rest of the wiki. If you absolutely MUST post your spritework (for critique, to show off, etc), do it in a blog post of your own. I would say here would be ok as well, but if we DO get an application process going, I'd rather reserve the comments for the actual applications.

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