So yea.. I just don't feel like rip the game to peices. hell,I had to fix a wraping tunnel... for 2 hours =-=... It works fine but still. yea as for sprits. I don't know how to import/change sprits to Pokemon/Ponymon or change there stats. Really I can only edited maps. So yea... I'm just releasing the same verison with twicked maps so you can go futher in the story. so yea. I'm done with it for the simple facted. People don't want to finsh it and If I did finsh it. It's ethier take a long time or it'd just won't look rigth to me,to the creators, and to the fans. so yea. I'm done with it. I'll put links for the game roms but this is where I stop. I'm going to finsh the game for myself and NOT pubily release it unless I think it'd look good enough too.

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