Okay, so I'm just gonna use this blog post to write down bugs I notice, random ideas, and things I think should be changed in the games.


1. The move growl seems to use the animation for Roar.

2. The Dumb-Bell ponymon got a magikarp sprite.

(3. Fluttershy's mane is red in the menu sprite. Glitch or purposely?)

Fixes and such: (Probably on a to do list of the person working with the game, but I felt like pointing it out anyway)

Menu sprites so not all ponies are grey. Currently makes moving around in the PC confusing. (I might run make a few example sprites, dunno if anyone is working on them already...)


Ideas and stuff:

When most of the game is done, slowly convert items and similar into ponyfied items to make it 20% cooler.

Change titles like "Bug Catcher" into something ponified.

Aaand that's all I could think of right now.Coming back with more if I notice anything.