I have returned my friends.


Colour lines




Sentient Spell


So what's happened since last time? I got a new computer because my other one was having some pretty bad problems (no battery life, charging errors, Display problems, Leaking pixels, Path errors in programs, etc.) so now I'm using a new(er) computer, but it doesn't have a working touch pad or keyboard so USB for me.

I do not have Skype anymore, my steam username is Cremuex though if you want to add me to talk.

I have a full version of Paint Tool Sai, so I can do computer art again and make edits now too ;3 Here's an example of what I can do now: Coloured lines, chibi's with layers, blending, transparent backgrounds, etc. For those that follow my tumblr they already know that though...

On the Traditional Art front though I also have some copic markers, but only in a few colours because they're hell expensive, the good thing about them is they're alcohol based, so the colours blend and can be layered easily, I also figured out how to make them so that they don't show streak for where the texter has been through. Tell me if you want some copic art! Just keep in mind what colours are actually available, I won't be able to do an incredible range of colours obviously. Below is an example of how they blend plus what colours I currently have. Note that I don't have any reds, it's actually orange.

I'm also thinking of doing a play through, anybody know a good free recording program? I do have a twitch but I'd rather do a youtube series so that people can watch it without it needing to be locked into a certain time.

Nice to be back guys!

Missed you <3



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