Hay Everypony,

This is just a little note on which ponies I have so far and what they're level situation is like. I'm a bit of an 'all rounder' in that I level my ponies at the same pace rather then having a mane team and only focusing on them.

As I've said on my profile I won't be evolving my ponymon unless I get a second save file so I can track them both. Right now most of my money is going on pony balls so I probably wont get all of them on the one file since we can only verse bronies once.

Pony name Pony level
D Tiara 15
S Spoon 15
F Cheer 15
F Lyra 15
Abloom 15
Scootaloo 15
F Pinkie 15
Dumb-belle 15
RoseLuck 15
P Twist 15
S Belle 15
F Colgate 15
F Zecora 15
F Bon Bon 15
F Big Mac 15

Also, I think it would be EXCELLENT if Bill, the person that made the computer system, was Lauren Faust. Just saying, it would be brilliant.

Currently working in 0.2