So, I did some leveling today- most of my ponies are at least level 20 now (the exception is Dumb-Bell who I've left at a lower level in case F Derpy pops up).

I've started to take a liking to D Tiara though, she has a move called "Bits Away" (a move shared by Rarity in all her versions) that gives you money each time you use it, even on wild ponymon. This is incredibly useful to me because it means I can buy some more pony balls to catch the ever illusive F Derpy. It also means I can put some pony balls away for when version 0.3 comes out and Mount moon becomes available. I'm aware that there are cheats that allow you into Mount Moon by going through solid objects (like the boulders blocking the way) but I don't like using cheats.

I managed to catch a F Carrot without killing it making it faint this time so I need to put a bit of time away to catch her up to the right level.

I would also greatly appreciate if there was an item available to prevent your ponymon from trying to evolve since I'm trying to keep my ponies in their filly forms.

I love helping out with the wiki so if there's any more I can do to help I'd love to know. I'm trying to catch up so that I can make some more pages that seem to be missing on the attack side of things.

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