I'm considering doing a new run through, this time with Twilight Sparkle instead of Pinkie Pie. Then I can ignore the ponies I already have and focus on catching the ones that I don't because there' only a limited amount of money for pony balls in game. The only reason why I'm not going right ahead and doing that right now is because of the rumour that we'll be able to catch all the mane six in the next expansion or so.

I've updated some of the attacks off my list and done some screen caps for them so others don't need to go into game just to get the image.

In other news I've ordered some ponies from ebay. Since I live in Australia I can't get the America or UK releases. Apparantly Australia and Netherland have the same releases. I might upload some images of my collection later if someone asks and put another layer or two of testors dull cote on my custom pony.

For now, game wise, I'll just focus on leveling and save those pony balls for mount moon (or Mount Luna probably if they change the name).

I also have Hamachi if people wanted to test the multiplayer, though I'll only play for fun and not bet money on it.

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