Sentient Sky

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on June 12
  • My occupation is Student: Psychology
  • I am Female
  • Sentient Sky

    Current Ponymon Team:

    [Magic] F Doctor - Level 20 - Hoof Stomp / Barrage / Confusion / Double Kick. Met in Mt Moon at level 9.

    [Light/Passion] Dinky -  Level 23 - Hoof Stomp / Rest / Confusion / Horn Attack. Met in Mt Moon at level 10.

    [Kindness] Fluttershy - Level 29 - Hoof Stomp / Wing Attack / Rest / Sing. Met at sweet apple acres at level 5.


    Current Spot in Game: 


    Not yet battled the Gym Leader nor helped Bill. 

    Currently grinding all ponymon to level 30.

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  • Sentient Sky

    She retuuuuuurns

    August 12, 2013 by Sentient Sky

    I have returned my friends.


    So what's happened since last time? I got a new computer because my other one was having some pretty bad problems (no battery life, charging errors, Display problems, Leaking pixels, Path errors in programs, etc.) so now I'm using a new(er) computer, but it doesn't have a working touch pad or keyboard so USB for me.

    I do not have Skype anymore, my steam username is Cremuex though if you want to add me to talk.

    I have a full version of Paint Tool Sai, so I can do computer art again and make edits now too ;3 Here's an example of what I can do now: Coloured lines, chibi's with layers, blending, transparent backgrounds, etc. For those that follow my tumblr they already know that though...

    On the Traditional Art front t…

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  • Sentient Sky

    Minecraft server

    June 1, 2012 by Sentient Sky

    Hey everypony, you know how there's a hamachi server?

    Well, I have a spare computer that can be used for a minecraft server. What I wanted to know is, who would be interested in playing?

    I know from previously using the computer to host a server, 20 people can get on at a time, which should be WAY more then enough.

    So, would people like vanilla minecraft or technicpack?

    Vanilla minecraft is the basic one, technicpack has added things and is a lot more... extensive in what you can do.

    Can I have everypony interested post with whether they'd be interested and what they'd like?

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  • Sentient Sky

    Hay everypony!

    It's just me again. Thanks to Chaos Fission, I found out about a prom that tumblr is hosting, I put the details up but I'm not sure if it has an actual page though, a lot of people reblog the picture bot not the source.

    I'd even do traditional art if ponies wanted their formal attire done! Though you'd have to give me a sample of your outfit. We have to hurry though, it's on the 25th of THIS MONTH!

    Also, if anyone wants to drop their tumblr name here I wouldn't be against it.


    ChaosFission Sentient Sky




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  • Sentient Sky

    Gen 4 Collection

    May 15, 2012 by Sentient Sky

    Some toys that I ordered from America came today so I thought I'd make a note of it and share my collection with you guys!

    The ones that came today are exclusives so I can't actually get them in Australia, there are ones that I'm after from Britain too because those aren't available here either. Apparantly Australia's toys are shared with the Netherlands.

    The ones that came today are Dewdrop Dazzle (comes with duck), Lulu Luck (comes with chipmunk pair), Plumsweet (comes with hamster) and Cupcake (comes with raccoon). They came with a 10% discount for My Little Pony Products at with the promotion code MLPTEN , the offer expires 12/31/12 though if you're going to use it. All of the toys came with this code so it's not a uni…

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