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    My Ponymon Ideas

    July 12, 2013 by RockyChalky

    Well, I'd hate to crowd the suggestion page with my ideas, so instead, I'll crowd my own page with my ideas. I hope this works the way I plan it to. This way, if people like my ideas, they can come back here for more, but if they don't, they can simply not view my page.

    This is kinda more of a talk page then a blog.

    This is my rendition of Equestria, based on the canonical map of Equestria here.

    Now, I posted this in the suggestion page, but this one has a few last touchups that I left out the first time around. There was some blue paint spill in the upper-right corner and the "KANTO REGION" text wasn't completely erased. In addition, I adjusted the roads to fit the extended city icon for Canterlot, the biggest city icon on the page.

    The citieā€¦

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