hey can i get some help with a team im building in my pokemon black to make the mane six

Twilight/Rapidash, careful nature, flash fire

flare blitz, sunny day, solarbeam, morning sun

Pinkie Pie/Ludicolo, jolly nature, swim swift

ice beam, giga drain, scald, leech seed

Rainbow Dash/Aerodactyl, hasty nature, pressure

earthquake, tailwind, stone edge, aqua tail

Rarity/Milotic, relaxed nature, marvel scale

Surf, Ice Beam, Recover, Toxic

Fluttershy/Togekiss, timid nature, serene grace

air slash, fire blast, nasty plot, roost

Applejack/Sawsbuck, adament nature, sap sipper

horn leech, swords dance, jump kick, facade

I just made this team but im still a little unsure about the pokemon. Each pokemon i chose to be a pony for a reason; rapidash because of s1ep15, ludicolo because it's a party pokemon, aerodactyl because it's pretty fast and learns speed boosting moves, milotic because it makes me think of rarity, togekiss because it is quite graceful, sawsbuck because i saw something in it that made me think of applejack. Not sure if they're good reasons but im posting this to improve, so if there's a pokemon anyone think is better to take position than one i have chosen, or a different move then im open to suggestions.

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