• Pwb9870

    How it all started for you

    September 9, 2012 by Pwb9870

    What made you watch mlp, was it from watching it with a little sister, wanted to see what the fuzz was about mlp, or did another brony convince you to give it a try?

    For me, it was watching youtube poops of mlp because i was bored out of my mind. And then i saw Fluttershy yell you're going to love me and thought, i want to watch just that episode to see of the show actually did that. So i saw all of season one till the grand galloping gala, and i grew fond of the show. So since then i became a brony, and i figured out friday that one of my friends is a brony, and that made me happy knowing im not alone at my school.

    Also, is anyone collecting mlp cards, i just got 3 of them and gotten common pinkie pie, luna, snips and snails, wonderbolts, g…

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  • Pwb9870

    MLP:FIM Pokemon Team

    August 26, 2012 by Pwb9870

    hey can i get some help with a team im building in my pokemon black to make the mane six

    Twilight/Rapidash, careful nature, flash fire

    flare blitz, sunny day, solarbeam, morning sun

    Pinkie Pie/Ludicolo, jolly nature, swim swift

    ice beam, giga drain, scald, leech seed

    Rainbow Dash/Aerodactyl, hasty nature, pressure

    earthquake, tailwind, stone edge, aqua tail

    Rarity/Milotic, relaxed nature, marvel scale

    Surf, Ice Beam, Recover, Toxic

    Fluttershy/Togekiss, timid nature, serene grace

    air slash, fire blast, nasty plot, roost

    Applejack/Sawsbuck, adament nature, sap sipper

    horn leech, swords dance, jump kick, facade

    I just made this team but im still a little unsure about the pokemon. Each pokemon i chose to be a pony for a reason; rapidash because of s1ep15, …

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