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    Current army.

    June 19, 2012 by PieisGood4U

    I took today to playing some ponymon Dawn.

    Current army after i finished the session ( and can't improve it right now since come with save files is being stupid)

    Lv 18 Pinkie Pie (newly evolved *insert yay here*)

    Lv 12 F Zecora

    Lv 13 F Colgate

    Lv 14 F Big Mac (named EEEYUP)

    Lv 9 F Lyra

    Lv 14 F Derpy (got 3 more of them all caught using only one ponyball and no save states used to catch them mwhahahha)

    Maybe im gonna replace somepony with a F Carrot top

    Round 2:

    Did not change anypony for a carrot top. I got my physical attack in form of Adamant natured Big Mac. But team currently stands at:

    Lv 18 Pinkie Pie ( Meh nothing more needed. I got my Pinkie Pie :)

    Lv 22 Zecora (She is a real killer)

    Lv 22 Colgate (nothing too interesting yet)

    Lv 22 Big Mac (i l…

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