I've been on this wiki for a while. In fact, I'm one of the oldest members on it. But there is one thing that's starting to crop up, and it is truly an annoying thorn in my side.

People cheat, then complain about errors from it.

I'll be brief about it. It's not very smart. It has no value to the wiki. and most of all, IT SHOULD NOT BE PASSED OFF AS A BUG OR ERROR. I have seen several messages that go as follows: "I used this cheat, and this error happened." What do you expect them to do, send it off to Flutteryay so he can fix your cheat code?

If you're willing to cheat, you must be willing to face the consequences. If you're not, don't cheat. It's that simple. By cheating, you are changing the game, and that is something the developers can't do anything to help. Cheats are cool to some, and I admit I have used many cheats myself. However, the wrong cheat can and will screw up your game if you're not careful. Think of it this way. You go out and buy the coolest laptop in the world, capable of doing just about anything. Then you install a piece of software (or in this case, cheat code) that completely takes it down. You now have nothing, and whose fault can it be but your own?

So please, be careful when you post anything regarding cheats. If your cheat is messing up the game, put it on a cheat page as a warning to others that the cheat is broken. Don't try to pass it off as an error in the game. Thank you.

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