I've always had a fascination for funny names. I want to know what funny names you've made for the game! Not just funny names, I'm looking for any kind of name. If your name is cool, awesome, and radical, post it below!

Hmm... How about we make it a contest? The name with the most votes will
Filly rarity

Don't drag me into this!

win once we get enough possibilities. The rules are simple, I will give you a week to give me a name, alonside the type of Ponymon it belongs to. If you named your Rarity Tom, I want to know it's a Rarity! (and that is now an invalid entry. Sorry Tom!) I will add in all competing names into a list below (alongside the name's owner) After a week, I'll open it to the voting!

Do note that your own character's name counts too. It's not only the Ponymon names. Also ANY PONYMON OBTAINED BY CHEATING WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! Don't get a Gilda or something and expect it to fly with me.

Okay! Name submission is closed! Now it's time to vote! Pick your top 5 names, and I'll add 2 votes for your top 3 selections and 1 vote for the other 2. What are you waiting for? Get voting!


"Discord" a.k.a Rival (HeatherLorali) 2 votes

"Chicken" a.k.a Scootaloo (IWearHatsIndoors) 5 votes

"Dictionary" a.k.a. Sweetie Belle (IWearHatsIndoors) 3 votes

"Idiocy" a.k.a. Rival (Sentient Sky) 1 vote

"Garus" a.k.a. Rival (Amalvi)

"Apuljar" a.k.a Applejack (Amalvi)

"Churly" a.k.a Cheerilee (Amalvi)

"Culgato" a.k.a Colgate (Amalvi)

"Dotze" a.k.a Derpy (Amalvi)

"Dolan" a.k.a Player (Amalvi)

"Silly Pony" a.k.a Applejack (Marioland)

"Toothpaste" a.k.a Colgate (Marioland) 2 vote

"AmyRoselck" a.k.a Roseluck (Marioland)

"McDonald" a.k.a Big Mac (Marioland) 1 vote

"Appledoom" a.k.a Applebloom (Marioland) 2 votes

"Evil" a.k.a Diamond Tiara (Marioland)

"Hater" a.k.a Rival (LightmanBrony)

"Twisty" a.k.a. Peppermint Twist (LightmanBrony)

"Iris" a.k.a Rainbow Dash (Nyxshadow)

"Aphrodite" a.k.a Diamond Tiara (Nyxshadow)

"3.14159265" a.k.a Pinkie Pie (LightmanBrony) 4 votes

"Dusk" a.k.a Twilight (LightmanBrony)

"Elusive" a.k.a Rarity (LightmanBrony)

"Buttrsctch" a.k.a Fluttershy (LightmanBrony)

"RainbwBltz" a.k.a Rainbow Dash (LightmanBrony)

"BubblBerry" a.k.a Pinkie Pie (LightmanBrony)

"Derples" a.k.a Derpy (Biribopa) 4 votes

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