Multiplayer is fun, we all know that, and with ponies it only gets better. So I was glad to hear about the Hamachi server idea. But try as I might, my internet went down on my laptop, my only computer where I have administrator priveleges. Himachi was going to be useless until I could get that running. Fortunately, I'm not an idiot. Okay, sometimes I act like one, but I still managed on restoring my internet before things got too bad. I start up himachi, and whaddya know? The servers full.

That's kind of a downer right there, but it's not enough to stop me, for there's one more way to do it. The LAN with my brother. Voila! Multiplayer with the one person I can get to. Finally a battle for the ages, or not. I didn't stand a chance against his F Twilight. Oh well. It was fun anyways.

Hopefully I can get onto the server soon. IUf thee's room, somebody please let me know!

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