so, I've been doing pony've seen them, you liked them. I'm awesome...I know.

but it occurred to me that I want to do stories for how we all got our cutie starting next month...which is in 2 days... I shall be doing those! to fill up my time.

SO! this is a blog where I want you to post your cutie mark stories and a picture of your OC with a cutie mark! if I already know your OC then don't worry about pictures. just give me stories! and if you have your story somewhere else if you could copy and paste it here I would appreciate it! that way it's easy for me to find. THANKS GUYZ

Firestorm cutiemark comic

WHEEEW! first 2 CMS are up...apparently! good thing Skyput hers up right before me...other whys I'd have to do explaining on why she already has hers in mine!

silent stories people! unless somepony REALLY needs it's staying this way!

so, I'll be doing these over on my tumblr as well, just because I don't wanna flood the wiki with feel free to leave you story in my ask box...if it fits...or leave it in the comments here and I'll post it there!

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