Hey everypony,

I'm bored and you guys are, well, the closest things I have to friends now, which is kinda sad but also preety freakin awesome since I stumbled across this place only 3 days ago.

obviously we all play video games right? why else would we be here?

so since we're clogging up all the posts with our talk of random stuff trying to carry fun conversations to keep ourselves ammused I figured why not just have one for us to do just that? something not based on the Ponymon games alone so Chaos and Hats don't feel obligated to check every post when a lot of them are just us being funny or carrying out friendly conversation.

SO, here we go, a post that the admins don't NEED to check, but are encouraged to, just to see their cult growing and becoming friends. We all seem to get along, so until 0.3 is released we can randomly chat about 0.2 or other games throughout the world of awesome that is Earth. I how you guys come along and we can all get to know eachother a bit more. XD

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