So, me and some of the others are talking right now watching Chaos stream some Diablo 3, we're thinking about doing movie nights through the streams. But we want everypony elses opinion too!

what would everypony like to watch? and yeah, it would be yet another distraction. so? these guys give to us tirelessly and what do we all do in return? some of us make comics, some make music, some make awesome line art! we feel like we should give back to these guys. giving them company and things to laugh about is a great way to keep them willing to work on the project!

trust me, it's all part of my master plan to make sure these guys finish the game...eventually...wait what?

I like to make these blogs to bring in EVERYONES attention. yes, everyONE not everyPONY. cuz some of you just aint to our level of swag yet. XD

anyways, I know Chaos and Tomato appreciate what we, the ponies, do in return for their hard work! so this would be another chance for us to bond as a community! if you don't want to take part, fine. if you feel like I'm trying to get them to NOT work on the game...stfu and gtfo... I want the next update just as bad as the next pony, but I'm willing to wait, get to know, and give back, to these guys!

so if that means we all watch movies together, or random abridged/created series online so be it! it's a chance for you guys to get to know them. MAKE FRIENDS MOFO'S!!!!!

LOVE AND TOLERATE! that is our creed! we work in the day to preserve the peace. we are ponies.

make suggestions! Chaos is our streamer, but I'm sure he could provide instructions so others could do it too. that way you can all stream whatever with however many ponies (or in somepeople's cases, people) you want!

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