so, aside from my FE ponies, I want to do something else to keep morale up around here...

I'm not THAT great of a comic artis...but I still wanna try my hand at it, since some of us can come up with quick scripts for a cheap laugh...

Like I have one in mind about Hats pulling a hearts and hooves day trick with Sweetie's help... obviously I won't give it all away...but I want to know what everyponies thoughts are before I even atemp this...since it's taking so much longer to hear back from the Pony Emblem crew then I's kinda draining my I wanna do something else to make us all laugh.

SO what do you guys think? everone can come up with funny stuff and while not everypony is an artist, I'd be more then willing to try my hooves at this stuff!

I know it seems like I'm suddenly doing a lot around here lately, with all my FEP's...but it only takes me a few minutes to make any of my drawings...I usually just wait to post stuff till the morning because my brother has the desktop all day...and it's way harder to just hook my laptop up to the scanner then I thought...

ANYWAYS! COMICS! what does everypony think? if I do it, it'll probably still be in black and white...since I lack the energy and enthusiams to KEEP going after I finish the sketch...cuz I'd probably go nuts because it would never be good enough for me...but if anypony else wants to color them for me I'd appreciate it! XD

Comic 1

thank you Hats for converting it for me!

mic 1!!!

Staring: Hats, Sentient Sky, FIre Storm, and last but certainly not least, the one, the only SWEETIE BELLE!

Comic 2-1

comic 2-1

Comic 2-2

comic 2-2

COMIC 2 BABY! starring: Amalvi, Hats, and everypony's favorite butterhooves, DERPY HOOVES

Comic 3-1

comic 3-1


starring: Chaos Fission, Sentient Sky, Fire Storm, Halo, Amalvi, Hats, and lastly TOMATO
Comic 3-2

Comic 3-2

alright, I know progress on this stuff has slowed way the balls down...even stopped for those of you that only see them here, but I don't wanna flood the wiki with it anymore, SO I will be redirecting you to my tumblr. feel free to message me there, ask me stuff, and see all my updates and maybe even some WIP's

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