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  • LordFireStorm

    so, I've been doing pony've seen them, you liked them. I'm awesome...I know.

    but it occurred to me that I want to do stories for how we all got our cutie starting next month...which is in 2 days... I shall be doing those! to fill up my time.

    SO! this is a blog where I want you to post your cutie mark stories and a picture of your OC with a cutie mark! if I already know your OC then don't worry about pictures. just give me stories! and if you have your story somewhere else if you could copy and paste it here I would appreciate it! that way it's easy for me to find. THANKS GUYZ

    WHEEEW! first 2 CMS are up...apparently! good thing Skyput hers up right before me...other whys I'd have to do explaining on why she …

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  • LordFireStorm

    So, me and some of the others are talking right now watching Chaos stream some Diablo 3, we're thinking about doing movie nights through the streams. But we want everypony elses opinion too!

    what would everypony like to watch? and yeah, it would be yet another distraction. so? these guys give to us tirelessly and what do we all do in return? some of us make comics, some make music, some make awesome line art! we feel like we should give back to these guys. giving them company and things to laugh about is a great way to keep them willing to work on the project!

    trust me, it's all part of my master plan to make sure these guys finish the game...eventually...wait what?

    I like to make these blogs to bring in EVERYONES attention. yes, everyONE not…

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  • LordFireStorm


    May 26, 2012 by LordFireStorm

    so, aside from my FE ponies, I want to do something else to keep morale up around here...

    I'm not THAT great of a comic artis...but I still wanna try my hand at it, since some of us can come up with quick scripts for a cheap laugh...

    Like I have one in mind about Hats pulling a hearts and hooves day trick with Sweetie's help... obviously I won't give it all away...but I want to know what everyponies thoughts are before I even atemp this...since it's taking so much longer to hear back from the Pony Emblem crew then I's kinda draining my I wanna do something else to make us all laugh.

    SO what do you guys think? everone can come up with funny stuff and while not everypony is an artist, I'd be more then willing to try…

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  • LordFireStorm

    so, a while back on EQD I found the Pony Emblem project. (this was a while before I found you guys)

    I emailed the team and asked if I could be a part of the project, even in a small form.

    just last week they finally emailed me back asking for some of my work.

    so I started with this!

    my first time drawing ponies! and my sister thought I was tracing it! HA

    I took base compontents of certain characters from Fire Emblem and reformatted the armor to fit on a pony! it was a bit confusing at first trying to figure out all the straps in my head. but once I did I was able to do it rather quickly! Doing the next 5 ponies in one night!

    FireStorm, my OC, is a Mercenary class

    and Sentient Sky, a bard/dancer

    Amalvi wanted to become a Paladin,

    and wanted his budd…

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  • LordFireStorm

    Hey everypony,

    I'm bored and you guys are, well, the closest things I have to friends now, which is kinda sad but also preety freakin awesome since I stumbled across this place only 3 days ago.

    obviously we all play video games right? why else would we be here?

    so since we're clogging up all the posts with our talk of random stuff trying to carry fun conversations to keep ourselves ammused I figured why not just have one for us to do just that? something not based on the Ponymon games alone so Chaos and Hats don't feel obligated to check every post when a lot of them are just us being funny or carrying out friendly conversation.

    SO, here we go, a post that the admins don't NEED to check, but are encouraged to, just to see their cult growing and b…

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