• Lichmeister

    Hi there i am playing Ponymon with some friends, and while i'am at it i am reporting bugs/glitchs i could enconter. Dunno if ppl are on it again or not but it could maybe help ^^

    First one i saw is at HOOFINGTON (maybe in other towns too) when you log on your computer and ask for Prof's Oak Computer  then ask him to evalve your ponydex. The last sentence just keep flonting on the screen forever :p just like that:

    To resolve this bug you just have to conect again to the computer and choose the log off option.

    I will improove this article later on while i advance in the game.

    If i can bring some help to make this game even better, i would be glad to do so! (i have some notions in computer sciences i study it sort of).

    Good day!


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