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    Typing Changelog

    April 21, 2017 by Kawagiri

    Ponymon Type Changelog Pre V0.5

    Hello, I'm Kawagiri. This is my first blog (ever), and I've recently begun assisting BlackOak42 on setting up types for all current Ponymon which have yet to have types assigned to them.

    As such I would like to also make you aware of 2 current changes to the typing list which you won't have seen included before:

    • ====Beast====
    • ====Trickster====

    The "Beast" type will cover animalistic traits of Ponymon, ranging from big lumbering beasts such as the Ursa Major or cute and cuddly like some of the pets that would have moves that wouldn't necessarily fit into regular Ponymon typing, Whilst Trickster will be used for Ponymon which are mischievous, or simply tricky. Ponymon such as Flim, Flam and Trixie will be subject t…

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