• Inhalvast

    Errors I've found

    May 2, 2012 by Inhalvast

    I'm going to post any Dusk Alpha 0.2 errors I have found. If this isn't the right place for it, direct me to the correct location.

    5/2/2012 *Some of these might be a bit specific*

    The move "Giggle" shows up as a water-type move on the move selection screen in combat.

    In Oak's Lab, the e-mail Oak gets at the beginning says "TRAINERS", not "BRONIES".

    In the boxes, it says "PARTY POKéMON" and "PKMN DATA", where it should be ponies.

    In Ponyville, the house by the Trolololololol guy, has a Spearow Sprite inside, when it says it's a Pinkie Pie.

    The lady outside of that house references "VIRIDIAN FOREST" and "PEWTER CITY".

    After the old man shows you how to capture a Ponymon, he gives you a PONY BALL which you put into a Poké ball bag.

    Inside your bag, it …

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