• IWearHatsIndoors

    Well, I'll just be uploading my WIPs for the Ponymon logo on here! YAY!

    Oh, by the way, if you are skilled at drawing *COUGH* and have an idea for the logo *COUGHCOUGH*sentient*COUGH* feel free to do so!

    Anyone is free to try and you never know! Your design could be picked! YAY

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  • IWearHatsIndoors

    SO! YEAH

    I've had the idea of discussion blogs, and I'll write them when I have a good topic to talk about and I'll post the blog and BOOM! We have a little quick discussion about a random topic!

    The topic of this week is if you think we have our own little community here! (and a side disscussion thing about wether or not this is a good idea, but we'll find that out depending on the ammount of posts and comments we get)


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