I don't know if anyone else is getting as confuddled as I am over this, but there are a LOT of categories listed under some of these pages. A lot of them seem to be the exact same thing anyways (ex: Ponies and Ponymon ). I want to try condensing them so that there are fewer categories, therefore getting rid of some that may be unnecessary. But before I just jumped in and started trying to change everything, I wanted to see what everyone else thought.

This is how I would like to change things:

  • Get rid of Ponies, and just use Ponymon
  • Get rid of [type] Type Ponies, and just use [type] Type. (Dark, Light, Honesty, etc...)
  • Change some categories to read 'Ponymon' instead of 'Ponies'

That will, for me anways, clear up a lot of confusion. Those are just the major ones that are on my mind right now, and I'm sure there are more that would need to get fixed as well. I didn't want to make all these changes without discussion first. I'm not an admin, and wanted to make sure the general consensus was definitive before I attempted this. I would appreciate if you would leave your opinion of the categories in the comments. Thanks!

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