• Gemini8910

    Why hello there! ~ If you're reading this, that means you are reading my first blog post! ~ yay. ~

    Anyway, I've been playing ahead, I'm at Hoofington (?). Whatever Cerulean is. :P I've run into some minor lulz. :3

    All the dex entries say "This is a pony" :( I couldn't help but laugh when Gilda's was "This is not a pony." XD :3

    N Applebloom is parasect. :3

    Spike is Oddish. :3 Me gusta. :3

    So... yeah. :P Not much to say here. I love this game, it combines my two favorite things. :3 Can't wait for V3!! :D

    Also shameless advertising: I'm currently reading a fic called "Banishment Decree". It's a pony/Burn Notice Crossover. >:D It's amazing! :D You don't even need to know what Burn Notice is to like it. :) You need to read it! Now! :3 Why are you stiā€¦

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