Soooo, I've been actively making pics of my OC Sky Popper and decided, I should make a blog where anyone who has an OC can post a picture of them for all to see. Only real rule I have about this is try to be nice and not insult anyones OC even if it is kinda lame or just a recolor. We don't wanna start any flame wars afterall.

I guess I'll start off with my OC pics of Sky Popper I drew by hand and some pixel art I did in PhotoShop. I just wish I had a scanner instead of just my cell phone for uploading the pics to my laptop. And if uploading the photo directly here doesn't work, like with me, a link will do just as fine. Just put your comments here or at both places if you really want. = First reference sheet and first picture ever commissoned by my friend on DA, lekadema = My first hand drawn pic of my first OC, Sky Popper = My second hand drawn pic of my first OC, Sky Popper = My third hand drawn pic with my OC, Sky Popper and featuring Cloudchaser = One of my Desktop Pony animations of my first OC, Sky Popper = My backsprite version of my first OC, Sky Popper

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