Okay, so I thought I'd work on making the back sprites as well, so I thought I'd make a critique page so I can get them good enough for the game since they may be adding the backsprites since the poll was highly in favor of adding them. I'll be uploading larger, non-transparent background images to show off the details better, but I still have the original base size on my computer as well and will upload them once the larger file gets the approval.

So, now that I got the explanation out of the way, here's the list of links to my DA account as I make them: = Lyra Heartstrings = Bon Bon = Trixie Lulamoon = Derpy Hooves = Golden Harvest/Carrot Top = Nightmare Night Golden Harvest/Carrot Top = Fluttershy = Berry Punch = Rarity = Twinkleshine = Octavia = GAP Trixie = Pinkie Pie

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