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January 10, 2012
  • Chaosfission

    I've stepped down from Ponymon development, for personal reasons. My sprites are all still for use by the game. I'll look into getting a new admin for the wiki in the following days.

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  • Chaosfission

    0.32 has been released.

    September 16, 2012 by Chaosfission

    It includes major bug fixes, including the starter error, the xp glitches, and some others. The stomps have also gotten a flinch nerf. Refer to here (Once its updated anyways) for full details.

    Also, warning for all future updates: We now have an auto download link that redirects you to the most recent version. Bookmark that if you want to keep up to date.

    Auto downloader.

    This is also the official hub for any new glitches you find, please post them here and not on the suggestion page, or random pony pages.

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  • Chaosfission

    Alright, this post is where you can post your ideas for how each shiny sprite should look. Try to keep the format of you comment like this:

    Pony Name: Idea on shiny form.

    I'll be collecting ideas here and the best ones will get used, heres a chance to contribute if you ever wanted to.

    Feel free to post pics of youre example too if you want.

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  • Chaosfission

    Alright, first let me introduce wiki update posts, their purpose is to detail if any new major change to the wiki is needed, or if some practice or detail needs attention.

    Today I'm going to address a topic that I've meant to talk about for a long time: Ponydex entries.

    From here on out, only official dex entries will be kept on the respective pony page, the practice of having multiple was from before the traffic sky rocketed, and was when we had not yet cemented who was doing the entires.

    So from now on, all entries that are not by Cesmaster will be removed, please do not post anymore entries on the page themselves.

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  • Chaosfission

    Abuse it, make friends, and feel free to ask me anything about the game if I'm in it.

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