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    Ok, I've noticed whenever I caught a pokemon, the stats were way lower than my ponymon. Ex: I used the ghost code to go in cerulian cave and caught "F DISCORD" with a MEWTWO sprite. When I checked his stats, they were extremely low. In fact, they were lower than my level 21 TWILIGHT. (F DISCORD is level 70)

    level 21 70
    HP 58 88
    attack 33 14
    defense 31 26
    sp. attack 56 18
    sp. defense 38 20
    speed 31 26

    Is it just me? Or is this a glitch in the game? If this is a glitch, this will have to be fixed ASAP. Almost every unponified sprite is like this. The only one that I've encountered that doesn't do this is N ABLOOM, whos sprite is currently PARASECT. If anyone could tell me what this is and why it's happening, or if this is my imagin…

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