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BlackOak42 January 11, 2017 User blog:BlackOak42

Final Title picture for version 0.5


This Is the first sprite for a new Ponymon name (#100 N Dinky)

Here is the place to make suggestions for the Ponymon Dawn/Dusk wiki or game. Any suggestions are appreciated and will be considered. Examples of game suggestions include and are not limited to sprites, icons, scripting, audio (cry, background music), creature stats, and move stats. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

The list of Ponymon are on Ponymon Names and are now reflected on the dex lists (Regional Ponydex, Generation II Ponydex and Generation III Ponydex). Suggestions for changes to these lists will ALL be considered. Please remember all Ponymon for this game will be characters from the official My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The naming will be according to the MLP FiM Wiki HERE, HERE or HERE.

The Sprite suggestions page has been moved to the Spite List blog

Stat suggestions with an associated sprite submission should be submitted on the sprite submission post when possible. Some stat sets MUST be submitted together such as:

  • HP; Attack; Defense; Speed; Sp Attack; Sp Defense (in that order if possible)
  • EVs1; EVs2
  • Type1; Type2

Example for (HP; Attack; Defense; Speed; Sp Attack; Sp Defense)

  1. Start with all numbers in the middle as a default stat (YourScaleMax/2)
    1. HP=50; Attack=50; Defense=50; Speed=50; Sp Attack=50; Sp Defense=50
  2. Make some observations like: The Ponymon is lightning fast, but vulnerable except a particularly powerful special defense
    1. HP=50; Attack=50; Defense=7; Speed=100; Sp Attack=50; Sp Defense=150
    2. Q:Wait ... mid default of 50, but used 150? A:Going over your range will not be a problem.
  3. Adjust the numbers for the way you think they would fair in each of the stats compared to another stat you have set (a default characteristic works well). This Ponymon is average on attack but could only defend itself a quarter as well as most other average Ponymon.
    1. (Defense = Attack/4 = 12.5).
    2. HP=50; Attack=50; Defense=12.5; Speed=100; Sp Attack=50; Sp Defense=150
  4. The Submitted stats must be positive non-zero Integers
    1. HP=50; Attack=50; Defense=13; Speed=100; Sp Attack=50; Sp Defense=150

The grouped numbers you provide get automatically normalized to match the levels of the rest of Ponymon data table and are dumped into the ROM. I will not round off the numbers to the nearest 10 or the like.

Example for (EVs1; EVs2)

  1. You could add defense from experience by adding to Defense (EVs1) and/or Sp Defense (EVs2).

More info coming soon.

Example for (Type1; Type2)

  1. Types are a generalization of the Ponymons abilities. If any ability qualifies as prominent, it might qualify.

More info coming soon.

The Ponymon entry pages have not been updated with the new stats, size or weights that will be in the game. For instance, if you would like guidance on what Height to make a specific Ponymon, just ask.

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