I have always been interested in how the brain works, so I have recently begun something called Pony Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a very misunderstood mental practice, and after encountering this process via another fan, I researched hypnotism extensively. Scientists, researchers, and even most religious leaders not only agree that it is not harmful, but actually may help people in many situations.

(However, do not use it if you are under the age of 18, or have a diagnosed mental irregularity, as it can also be dangerous if used incorrectly.)

Hypnotism cannot induce something in you that isn't already there, so the main danger comes from if you find something about yourself that you didn't want to know. It takes your subconscious and brings it to your conscious thoughts in a controlled way.

While Pony hypnosis can make you feel, and even think like a pony, the main purpose is an exploration of your own mind and personality. Essentially, it is lucid dreaming without the dream. It can be relaxing, and you can often find a lot about yourself that you didn't know before.

The dangers are real, though. Bringing two polarizing personalities into the forefront of your mind will often cause a literal battle of wills, either from attempting to induce two different personalities, or trying to bring a personality to the front that is in direct conflict with your own. This is something called Emotional Kernel Panic (EKP).

This is NOT a toy, or a method of escape from the real world. You mind, however, is very powerful. It can do a lot. This basically is just a method to give you root access to your own mind. Very useful, but very dangerous if you aren't careful or don't know what you are doing.

This has nothing to do with Ponymon. This was just meant to be a sort of update to reflect what was going on in my life right now, but I really couldn't put up something saying "I'm hypnotizing myself to become a pony!" without some sort of explanation. Anyway, if you are over 18, and are interested in finding out what it really is, the website for this is Don't worry, it won't actually let you access any of the files until you have read their extensive warnings, and even then, your account will take a day or so to get approved manually.

I am keeping a journal of my experiences for later study. If this turns out to be a successful endeavor, I will post the link to that journal here. The forum topic is public, so you will not have to make an account with Hypnoponies to see it.

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