I came bakc to Spain recently, here nobody ever heard of My little pony, and sice today I´m going to try to show my friends the show and see the reactions

Pinkie Pie worried

what I´ve gotten myself into?

Attemp 1: This may have not been a good idea

My parents already knew I was a brony before coming to Spain, so they don´t care about it, however my mother suddendly got histerical saying that she doesn´t understand it and begging me not to tell anybody because they may marginate me (I already asummed this so whatevar) so i said i wouldn´t tell.

But i did, i dropped the incident I had in Virginia (they kicked me out of the hos family because they thought that i was watching zoophilic porn when i told them i watch My little Pony) and they got curious, they started asking a lot of questions and mock me, the worst part was when one of then took their iphone and browsed a video of gen3, making me look like a complete retarded, luckily i took the iphone and I showed them the intro of gen4, they seemed amused and wanted to watch more, but when i put the first episode they quitted quickly and started the mockering (i was prepared, but damn it was awful), at least i asked them not to tell so my parents don´t find out (this way my mother still thinks i haven´t told anybody and my friends won´t tease me as much as espected)

This may seen as a horrible beginning, but it could be worst, my friends actually seem curious about it and it probable that they are going to watch it once they go back to their houses

Attempt 2: let´s get aggresive

I´m going to send this video, hope that this will make then curious enough to watch it

I´ll post their reactions

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