aka Alberto

  • I live in places that require a proxy
  • I was born on March 29
  • My occupation is a throne
  • I am feeding of tears and rage
  • Amalvi


    September 18, 2012 by Amalvi

    There_is_no_need_to_be_upset.jpg (This content was removed for the professional/child friendly initiative) (The screen shot part of the picture includes administrative behavior that will no longer be tolerated on this wiki. If you are the original artist please replace the "Reason" with other characters such as "!@#$%". You can then feel free to replace the picture by Uploading the picture under the same name as the original.)

    luv you all

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  • Amalvi

    And I say...

    June 8, 2012 by Amalvi

    i SAY HEY!


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  • Amalvi

    I came bakc to Spain recently, here nobody ever heard of My little pony, and sice today I´m going to try to show my friends the show and see the reactions

    My parents already knew I was a brony before coming to Spain, so they don´t care about it, however my mother suddendly got histerical saying that she doesn´t understand it and begging me not to tell anybody because they may marginate me (I already asummed this so whatevar) so i said i wouldn´t tell.

    But i did, i dropped the incident I had in Virginia (they kicked me out of the hos family because they thought that i was watching zoophilic porn when i told them i watch My little Pony) and they got curious, they started asking a lot of questions and mock me, the worst part was when one of the…

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  • Amalvi

    About myself

    May 1, 2012 by Amalvi

    I'm natural from the capital of Spain, Madrid. I arrived at USA September of the last year in order to learn proper English, while I was looking at some random pages in Know your meme i discovered Derpy Hooves and the amusement she created on me was the reason i started watching the show.

    Now i'm still residing in USA, i used to be in Virginia but i moved to California (in the Lake Tahoe) because they almost kick me out of the country. I'll be back in Spain in one month prepared to spread the Bronyhood among my spanish friends (until they bring to the inquisition for gay, LOL!)

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