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Type Chart

A type is a property for Ponymon and their moves. Type interactions have a major influence on how effective a move is against a particular Ponymon. Effectiveness may also be increased depending on the Ponymon using the move.


Type interaction has four basic levels. There are types of Ponymon that each move type is super effective against, neutrally effective against, not very effective against, and completely ineffective against.

If the type of a move used by a Ponymon is strong against the opponent's type, then the damage done is twice the normal amount; if a move's type is weak against a specific type, then the damage done is half the normal damage done. Note that this effect is multiplied; e.g. if a move's type is strong against both of the opponent's types, then the move does 4 times the damage, and if a move's type is not very effective against both of the opponent's types, then the move does ¼ of the damage.

If a move's type is completely ineffective due the opposing Ponymon's type (Chaos versus Chaos, for example), then the damage done by the move is zero. Otherwise, the damage dealt will always be at least 1HP.


When a move type matches the user type the effectiveness increases. This increase is called Same Type Attack Bonus or STAB

List of types

(Needs updated) There are 12 types, each represented by an archetypal Ponymon.

Icon Type Name Archetypal Ponymon
Honesty Applejack
Kindness Fluttershy
Laughter Pinkie Pie
Loyalty Rainbow Dash
Generosity Rarity
Magic Twilight Sparkle
Courage Apple Bloom
Passion Scootaloo
Spirit Sweetie Belle
Light Princess Celestia
Dark Princess Luna
Chaos Discord
Harmony Twilight Sparkle

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