True Hit

The animation for true hit

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True hit is a move that ignores an enemy Ponymon's agility and always hits. This can be especially useful against Rainbow Dash (and her variations) if they use agility a lot or Pinkie Pie & co. if they use double team a lot. (This works similarly to the Pokémon move Aerial Ace)

Ponies that have this move are:

Y Roseluck (level 13), Roseluck (level 13), Y Big Mac (level 13), Big Mac (level 13), AppleBloom (level 10), C AplBloom (level 10), YGldnHrvst (level 13), GoldnHrvst (level 13), YApplejack (level 15), Applejack (level 15), GApplejack (level 15)


"An extremely fast attack against one target. It can't be evaded."


Type Power Accuracy PP
Light 40 NA 20
DISCLAIMER: More ponies may need to be added upon further expansion.

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