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Bronymanbro made a point about the Equestria Girls movie possibly being incorporated into the game.  This is just a discussion and nothing official. If you have opinions on this please mention them :3 I'm really interested on everyone's opinions on this.

While I highly doubt that they'd be used as ponymon, they MAY be able to be used as trainers. I've editted a few trainer sprites to show how Equestria Girls may look as trainers, and I'm actually a little fond of the idea myself, since the names of cities, pokemon and info boards have been changed, why not the trainers too?

Of course, this isn't anything official and I also have no idea how hard it would be to change things, I still think it's an idea worth consideration. 

We'd also need to have a few male trainers, considering most bronies are actually men, how about some of the active members in the community getting an easter egg sprite, as in "You've done a lot of work so here's a Chaos Fission human trainer!" 

The background is that colour teal because complete white is a colour used in game. 

Equestria Jack


Equestria Pie

Of course these are really quick sprites so quality be warned.

I've also been informed that Chaos has since retired as pixel artist.

Your opinions?

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