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Hey all. I am DeusPony, my first name is John. Whatever you'd like to call me is alright.

I do the music and sound work for Ponymon. Currently I am working on Pokemon cries, and music itself.

I can't promise EVERY pony will have their own cry, but I will certainly try my best!

So far, only one song has been "completed", and that is a Gameboy sort of version of Babs Seed. Note, it will probably sound a lot different in-game because the tool we use for importing music only accepts .MIDI files. 

If you guys have any suggestions for what you'd like for certain situations, or anything else music related, just shoot me an email at I'll respond as quickly as possible. 

Thats one of my personal emails that isn't junked up with advertisements. So please do not flood it or I will have to remove it, which is something I really don't want to do. Thanks!

In case anyone was curious, Michael Scratch is doing programming now, so I will be taking his place. 

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