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Sweet Apple Acres

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Sweet Apple Acres is a town located in western Equestria, and is the hometown of the Player and the Rival. The small town is accessible via Route 1 to the North, and Route 21 to the South. It has a population of 8 (not including the player and the rival).


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Places of Interest

Player's House

This is the house where the player and the player's mom live before the journey begins. After the player starts the journey, mom will fully restore all Ponymon in the party when spoken to, just like a Ponymon Center. Upstairs is the player's bedroom. It has a TV with an NES hooked up, a bed, and a PC which accesses the player's item storage.

Rival's House

Sweet Apple Acres sign

"Sweet Apple Acres: Sweet apples grow here."

The house is only one floor, and belongs to your Rival, and his sister Daisy. After getting the Ponydex from Prof. Oak, talking to Daisy will result in her giving you a Town Map.

Prof. Oak's Lab

At Prof. Oak's Lab, Bronies starting their journey are given their first Ponymon. The player must choose between YApplejack, YFluttrshy, and Y Rarity in Dusk (0.4), or Y RnbwDash, YPinkiePie, and Y Twilight in Dawn (0.4). This is also the location of the player's first Ponymon battle against the rival. After receiving the Ponydex from the Prof. Oak, the player can return to show him the Ponydex and make him evaluate it.


Potion: Found in player's item storage. Access via PC in bedroom.

Ponydex: Given by Prof. Oak after delivering the parcel.

Ponyball: (x5) Given by Prof. Oak after delivering the parcel.

Town Map: Given by Daisy after delivering the parcel.




  • If the player chose F DASH: F TWILIGHT
  • If the player chose F PINKIE: F DASH
  • If the player chose F TWILIGHT: F PINKIE



  • If the player chose F AJACK: F FSHY
  • If the player chose F FSHY: F RARITY
  • If the player chose F RARITY: F AJACK


The rival battle takes place in Prof. Oaks Lab upon heading for the door to leave.

Rival party:


Trainer Tips

  • Sweet Apple Acres Trainer Tips
    "Press START to open the Menu."

Locations and Notices

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  • This location was called "PALLET TOWN" in FireRed.

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