Substitute is a Light type move that replaces the user with a statue in order to avoid damage from the opponent.

This statue has 25% of the total HP of the ponymon who has used the attack and it takes 25% of the total health of the ponymon. If the user has less than 25% of health the move will fail. If the substitute loses all it's Hp it's destroyed.

If the substitute receives an attack of multiple hits such as Barrage or Double kick and it's destroyed during it, the user will receive the rest of the attacks.

Ponies that learn this move:

YCheerilee - lvl 34 Cheerilee - lvl 31


"The user creates a decoy using one-quarter of it's full HP."


Type Power Accuracy PP
Light N/A N/A 10

Disclaimer: More ponies may need to be added with more expansions.

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