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Squeeze hug is a Laughter type attack that inflicts damage the first turn and at the end of every consecutive turn for 2-5 turns for 1/16 of the total health of the opponent.

Ponies that learn this move:

AppleBloom (level 14), YPinkiePie (level 7), C AplBloom (level 14), Pinkie Pie(level 7), GPinkiePie (level 7), Y Derpy (level 18),Derpy (level 18),SwtieBelle (level 15), C SwtBelle (level 15)


"The foe is hugged without consent to bind the foe for two to five turns."


Type Power Accuracy PP
Laughter 15 75 20
DISCLAIMER: More ponies may need to be added with more expansions.


  • As of Flutteryay's Alpha .21 version, there is a text mistake where the move reads as Bind at the end of every turn that it continues to do damage.
  • This move is currently one of only two STAB moves learned by the six starters before reaching their evolved forms, or an incredibly high level, making Pinkie Pie the most pratical starter choice, as Laughter is also strong against Light types, which nearly all of the Ponymon are in the early stages of the game.

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