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Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) is an increase in effectiveness when the attacking move is same type as the Ponymon using it. When the move and the Ponymon using it are matching types, STAB increases the moves base power by 50%.

STAB can be very useful when planning the best course of action to inflict maximum damage.

For example, we might have a Zecora with Confusion and Hoof Stomp, and we are attacking a Magic type Ponymon. Based on the moves base power (Confusion has 50 and Hoof stomp has 45) we would probably choose Confusion. Since Hoof Stomp is same type as Zecora (Light) we can count in STAB and increase Hoof Stomp's power by 50% making it 67,5 which is averaged to 67. Therefore, the best move available to use on a magic Ponymon would be Hoof Stomp since it has 17 more base power when counting in STAB.

Move Power Offense Defense
Laughter 50 Light (X1)=50 Magic (X1)=50
Light 45 Light (X1.5)=67 Magic (X1)=67

When the opponent is resistant to the STAB move type, It may be more effective to chose another move or Ponymon. It may also be more efficient to choose another move or Ponymon to conserve PP of STAB moves when a non-STAB move may be super effective and deal double the damage instead.

Move Power Offense Defense
Kindness 40 Kindness (X1.5)=60 Magic (X0.5)=30
Loyalty 40 Kindness (X1)=40 Magic (X2)=80

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