Route 5 start

The beginning of Route 5.

Route 5 is a route in Dawn/Dusk, connecting Fillydelphia to the Underground Path and a guard post.

As of Alpha 0.32, this is the current end of the game, and is blockaded.


Route 5 is a short, fence-lined route bordered by trees running north and south. It begins just south of Fillydelphia and ends at the Underground Path and a guard post, both of which are blocked off by a line of bushes. Route 5 marks the furthest point accessible in the game without cheats as of Alpha 0.32.

A fenced-in area fills a large portion of the route in the center. It can only be accessed via a rocky ledge at the northern end, leading to some small patches of grass with the Day-Care Center at the southern end.


Pony Level % Encounter Rate
Ppmt Twist Lv. 10 20%
Lv. 12 10%
Lv. 14 4%
Lv. 16 5%
Y BryPunch Lv. 13 20%
Lv. 15 11%
Lv. 16 5%
YGldnHrvst Lv. 13 10%
Lv. 15 14%
Y Derpy Lv. 16 1%





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