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Route 3 is a route in Dawn/Dusk, stretching between Vanhoover and Route 4 at the base of Mt. Moon. Route 3 cannot be accessed until the Vanhoover Gym is defeated.


Comming on future update
... - coded by ... (from/inspired by (episode reference))... . Song owned by ... .


Pony Level % Encounter Rate
Y Roseluck Lv. 6 40%
YCheerilee Lv. 7 20%
Scootaloo Lv. 3 5%
Lv. 5 4%
Lv. 6 1%
Lv. 7 4%
Y Bon Bon Lv. 6 10%
Y Lyra Lv. 7 10%
YGldnHrvst Lv. 8 5%
Y Derpy Lv. 7 1%


Oran Berry: *hidden item* Found near the brony standing between the 2 ledges.


Lass Janice

YCheerilee Lv. 9

Y Roseluck Lv. 9

Bug Catcher Colton

YGldnHrvst Lv. 10

Y Zecora Lv. 10

AppleBloom Lv. 10

Youngster Ben

Dmnd Tiara Lv. 11

Slvr Spoon Lv. 11

Bug Catcher Greg

AppleBloom Lv. 9

Y Zecora Lv. 9

Y Zecora Lv. 9

AppleBloom Lv. 9

Youngster Calvin

Y RnbwDash Lv. 14

Lass Sally

Y Rarity Lv. 10

SwtieBelle Lv. 10

Bug Catcher James

YApplejack Lv. 11

AppleBloom Lv. 11

Lass Robin

Y Twilight Lv. 14

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